Ecommerce Migration Case Study

Ecommerce Migration Case Study



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For over two decades, Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) has been one of the most successful online retailers of toys and family furniture

Why does an award-winning industry leader cross ecommerce’s most uncomfortable road?

Founded in 1997, Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) is one of the UK’s most decorated and successful retailers of high-quality toys and upscale family furnishings. In addition to 40 other industry honors in the past half-decade alone, it’s also won …

“We’re parents,” says CEO Jamie Reeve. “We get it. I didn’t feel the market catered for parents who wanted good quality, classic, stylish products. There was a lot of plastic and not enough time or money spent on good design. Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean your house has to become a style-free zone.”

Picking a New Ecommerce Platform

“Having been on our current platform for 10 years,” explains Jamie, “we decided it was time for a change.”

For GLTC, there were several limitations on how far their old platform could take their business.

The first problem was lack of control.

“We were restricted to release cycles that needed to be planned heavily in advance. The website itself was becoming dated and functionality that had been on our wishlist for years still wasn’t progressing.”

It wasn’t a matter of technical expertise, GLTC simply didn’t have access to what they needed nor the freedom to make changes to the front end quickly.

Second was the lack of customer-facing functionality.

Even when they managed to free up development time for release updates, GLTC couldn’t always accomplish the things they needed.

The items missing from their toolkit weren’t nice-to-have, they were essential for giving their customers a better shopping experience.