10 Ecommerce Insights From the Co-Founder

10 Ecommerce Insights From the Co-Founder



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Who 10Xed His Black Friday. Chase Fisher, the co-founder of Blenders Eyewear...

There it was, on “60 Minutes,” right on the screen before him.

The CBS broadcast had just wrapped its segment on Luxottica, the ultra-successful, ultra-secretive Italian company that controls a near monopoly over the world’s most coveted eyewear brands.

Chase Fisher, whose Blenders Eyewear makes premium sunglasses free of premium pricing, knew then that his company plan was solid: “That really validated our niche. Sunglasses don’t need to cost $200 anymore.”

But … what came next? How did this brand grow? And how did it leverage Black Friday Cyber Monday into a 10X-kind of shopping event?

Recently, Fisher sat with Shopify Plus to share it all. You can catch the full AMA here, or keep reading for ten of the co-founder’s most notable ecommerce insights ...