We optimize every step in the chain, combining our longtime experience with sourcing from the right partners. This creates value and transparency. In addition, together with our customers we harmonize the processes on customers’ side and implement the best practices.

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Our Storage

We strive to ensure everything is perfect for your next event or promotion, and logistics plays a big part in that. When you are short on space to store merchandise for your upcoming promotion or event, we can arrange for warehouse space in your region for sale programs. We have warehouses for temporary storage and consolidation of cargo. Thanks to this feature, all our online orders arrive on time.

Internet Ordering

Unified integration to simplify the whole process. You transmit information about the order - we take care of the rest and unite the best partners for each logistic link of the chain. To promote your products, we use landing pages. Promoting the landing pages due to the established services of google, we receive orders, which we process and turn into full-fledged sales.

Call Center

Each of our operators knows the specifics of the business from and to. He accepts the order and lets out the goods, providing fast and competent processing of the order. You can always contact us by phone, fax, mail, e-mail

Express Delivery

Parcel express delivery is a reality at Kosher Trade, because we work with the world’s leading international couriers to offer you deliveries around the world in as little as 1-3 days. This kind of expedited delivery service is possible thanks to the millions of parcels being sent from the UK to the rest of the world every year. Big-name couriers with their own international fleets — like TNT, UPS and Parcelforce — are able to move huge shipments quickly and efficiently with express parcel services.

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