Business Etiquette

Educate yourself on the customs and business etiquette of the international market. When entering a foreign market make sure you know the country’s history, the proper way to greet someone, the ordinary times for lunch (or prayer in many African, Asian and Middle-Eastern countries). Make sure you are communicating with them in the expected way within their society -- e.g: with the appropriate salutation.

Product packaging

The first thing to begin with is to understand whether the packaging of your product is suitable for this or that country. Especially the product description language

Design and symbols

To check the individual style of the exported goods for forbidden or inadequate country standards and design elements

Find an agent

If there is no time, and the result is needed, then you can consult with us how to better arrange for the export of the product packaging

Value Fluctuation

Gather historical data on the country’s currency value fluctuation and import/export timelines. This is crucial. The deal you discuss today may not be executed in time to reap the full potential of the opportunity. You could be negotiating a deal that may cost 15 percent more in a few months when the transaction is finalized. Worse yet, you may offer a promotion that costs you significantly more a week into the offering.

Analogue search

First, you should find an analog product and compare your cost with the cost of the analogue. This will help you understand the liquidity of your product for export

Movement of currency

Then it is worthwhile to understand how much your product will cost depending on the rate of another country in the foreign market


if everything is fine, then we find out the cost of transporting your product to the temporary storage warehouse, the cost and terms of customs clearance and etc

Find an agent

If you do not understand how much it will be profitable for you, write to our support team, it will calculate everything for you

Local Representation

Become an expert on the country’s laws governing business. Have local representation if possible, someone who can help you navigate any unforeseen obstacles and explain all contract provisions and terminology. Know and understand the laws and legalese of the jurisdiction that governs your contract before it becomes legally binding.

For the implementation

You can conclude an agreement with the importer on the urgent sale of goods, according to which you will receive income only after the sale of goods

Find a buyer

The best way to find a wholesaler in a foreign country at once with your warehouse and your sales outlet

Find an agent

If you have any difficulties with finding clients, you can contact us - this is our main job. With these services, your product will always find the end user

Prospective Market

Conduct focus groups to test the waters in the prospective international market. Understanding each country’s culture means you have to find ways to reach what would otherwise be the same demographic but in a different location. A new approach may be needed to make your product or service suitable to the needs and expectations of the potential foreign market and its culture. Studying these countries, including their professional and personal customs, will ensure that you conduct yourself in a respectful way.

Supply and demand

You can safely call us and ask how much your product is actual in a foreign country and how much it is in demand


The main task of promoting a product is to convey its actality to the consumer. If you do not know how or you doubt that you will succeed, we will gladly help you

Long-term market

As well as you, we aspire to develop in the long-term market, therefore for us the urgency and individuality of your product is also important

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